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kings, captains, and sexy beasts

patrick stewart, yul brenner and ben kingsley exist soley for aesthetic enjoyment. on the off chance that anyone else here shares my adoration for older (or dead) bald men, here's some nummy eye candy. isn't it great when actors have no qualms about posing nude?

Ben Kingsley:

nekkid in 'sexy beast'

relaxing in 'sexy beast'

nekkid, furry, and oh, so fuckin sexy. er. just squint.

watson to micheal caine's sherlock.

Yul Brenner:

laid out for our delectation:

dressed to within an inch of his life, and unhappy about somethin:

mmm, silk:

Patrick Stewart:

his head.

god this is sexy:

uhm. here he is with a towel on his head:
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I too find Patrick a sexy man. =)
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