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[let's rape ewan.]

hi. bally here. i'm the asshole who owns the ewan, along with the asshole who owns the community. i also own angeldemaria and regardingmoony. they're my manbitches. and re gives a good fuckin' footrub.

right, so there's some profanity for you, and now for some innapropriate sexual content.

not skanky, but punk!ewan really does it for me.... and i'd do natalie portman, too.

ohh, god, those hands...

jonathan rhys-meyers or whatever his name is, half nekkid and covered in ewan:

and this one's a really terrible photo, but it's cool on many levels, including the nekkid ewan and the warhol-esque print in the background.
nekkid ewan and warhol are two of my favourite things. ^_^

well, ta for now.
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