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star_fuckers's Journal

Star Fuckers Inc.
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okay. we all like movie stars, with their perfect faces, perfect lives, and perfect bodies. we also love musicians and their fabulous lives of fame, sex, drugs and music. and you know there's a few out there you just want to fuck senseless, right? well, my community. say what star you want to fuck. show skanky pictures of them (my definition of skanky is half-naked to naked) most people could handle a.. lets say.. 5 person orgy. so 4 people may choose the same star. thats it thats all.

1) ewan mcgregor is off limits to anyone but myself (eatsleepfuck), ballyharnon and cabari. he's our manbitch.

2) be as creepy as you want. we all have fantasies of tracking our idols down and chaining them in our basements. share yours :D

3) uh don't flame me. i'm just a stupid kid who's got a hardon for ewan.

4) feel free to post as many pictures of your favorite star as you can get your horny little hands on. we like eye candy. alot. so the more naked, the better.

5)we welcome any sort of star. but its got to be someone who's unnatainable. not like your significant other who's a star in your eyes.

6) and please post at least once, so a. i know you're there, b. i want to see sexy people!

have fun :D